Bed bug Prep Sheet

Preparation Checklist for Bed Bug Treatment

It is very important that you thoroughly follow each of the steps to prepare your home for treatment. The success of the initial treatment depends on the preparation of the residence before our technician comes in to do his/her work. Here is a checklist of things that need to be done prior to the treatment:

  • Remove everything from all closets. The pest control technician must be able to get in to treat the closets.
  • Remove all items from drawers, nightstands, or any furniture (kitchen cabinets do not need to be emptied).
  • Remove all linens from bed, sofas, etc.
  • Wash and dry ALL Linen and clothing inside the entire residence including any curtains in the hottest water possible per the items label. All items should then be dried in the highest heat possible per the items label. *Please check cleaning instructions for items as not all clothing and linens or curtains can be washed in hot water or dried. Follow instructions for cleaning on the item label. then place all items in garbage bags (double bag and seal with duct tape) or plastic storage bins and place top on the bin to seal it. Clean and wash the lent traps in your dryer regularly during this process.
  • If you have items such as shoes, wool coats, or items which cannot be washed in hot water then store in a bag/ bin separately. Put 2-3 mothballs in a bowl or coffee can with a lid on it. Puncture 2-3 holes in the plastic lid and place it in the bag or bin. Make at least one tote your personal tote with 3-5 days of clothing that you will be wearing during this process (you will be living as if you are in a hotel with your bags). This will enable the remainder of your bags to stay sealed until we clear your home. It can take four to six weeks at the minimum to clear so as we continue 2 week follow up visits.
  • When you have been cleared, you will want to wash all your items and dry them before putting them back in the closet (again, prior to washing and drying items, check the label for washing instructions).
  • Vacuum entire house with emphasis on the crack and crevice of the baseboards, even inside closets. Also vacuum your sofa, mattress, box springs, and  bed railings. Dispose of the vacuum bag which can be tied up or sealed and disposed of in an outside receptacle.
  • Remove all items from the bedroom floor. The vacuum cleaner is your best tool. After the initial service, we ask that when you see any evidence of activity, vacuum and remove the contents of the vacuum bag from the home.
  • Move bedroom and living room furniture away from the walls. Make sure there is 3 foot of space between the furniture and the wall for the pest control technician to treat.
  • If there is a hollow brass bed, this needs to be taken apart in order for the pest control technician to treat the inside.
  • Throw away old magazines, newspapers or mail. Bed bugs hide in paper and/or magazines.
  • Purchase bed bug covers for your mattress and box springs. These can be purchased at Walmart or Target. The covers should clearly state that they are rated for bed bug protection. During the initial treatment we will treat and put your covers on for you.
  • Remove the plate covers from your light switches and plugs.
  • Remove pictures and posters from walls. Examine to ensure that there are no bed bugs hiding behind these. The pest control technician will make the determination as to which pictures can be treated.

The preparation usually takes several days to complete. Contact one of our offices and schedule an appointment when you begin your prep so a technician can start your treatment once you have completed all the steps.