There are many types of roaches but some people would say the German cockroach is the most nuisance. It is commonly found in homes, restaurants, and other dwellings. Although this pest can come in through cracks and crevices, they are known for moving to other areas by hitchhiking. They are moved about by people or in products from grocery stores, shipped products, etc.

Adults are pale and 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch long and are distinguished from other roaches by two dark stripes on the anterior dorsal portion of the body. The nymphs (young cockroaches) are darker brown with a stripe running down the middle of the back. One female will reproduce every 20 to 30 days and can produce over 300 offspring in her lifetime.

Roaches feed and harbor in damp unsanitary areas such as sewers, dumps, garbage disposals, etc. Bacteria from these areas can be found on the roaches body and legs and can be transmitted to your food. These bugs carry other microorganisms inside their body and are believed to spread disease to humans. Additionally many people can have allergy symptoms including skin rashes, watery eyes, and sneezing, or serious life threatening asthma or allergic reactions when exposed to these bugs.

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